Golden Root Health will contact you to find out the specific details of your office to tailor a wellness program for your office .

A link for online scheduling will be sent to HR to distribute to employees. 


Scheduling is easy, convenient, online, and schedules employees at 15 minute intervals. 

Treatments take place in a secluded area in the office, usually a conference room.

5 recliner chairs are set in a circle facing outward where employees relax.

Relaxing music is played in the center to create a spa like feeling.



After arriving at their scheduled time, employees  fill out a simple online confidential health intake form on a tablet.

The option for ear plugs, essential oils, and eye masks for privacy are provided.

Once relaxed in the comfortable recliner chair provided acupuncture is administered.

After 30 minutes of deep relaxation the needles are removed.

After the treatment employees have the opportunity to fill out a satisfactory rating for our service.


We also include questions whether employees would want this service again and how satisfied they are with work.